Kept away from the plot

Various things have kept me away from the plot recently. I've had to do a fair bit of logging into work from home out of hours to sort out various things and then the nights I haven't had to do that the weather has been shocking. Weekends have been either pretty crap, or we've had Jo and Andy down and I haven't been able t get up.

Gemma and I did get up there today though. We didn't do a great deal, harvested some potatoes, leeks and cabbage for tonight's meal and started taking the top off the area next to the asparagus -essentially mapping out what will be a perennial bed. I want to get some rhubarb in there, although I expect any that grows Daz will try and ferment!

Daz has been extending the beds, making them butt up against one another and lengthening them. I hope that we manage to get some kind of platform for weeding purposes put back in otherwise it's going to get very difficult.

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