We have a lot of tomatoes in the greenhouse that Daz made. So many that he had to remove some (and planted in the ground by the wall) to make room for cucumbers. He's also constructed a cold frame. I'll have that for raising seedlings a bit earlier next year. The only problem with so many tomatoes is the fact that we're all off to the US in a couple of weeks time, so the watering and pinching out thing isn't going to get done regularly or possibly at all.

I did a bit of hedge trimming and bed weeding yesterday in the couple of hours I was up there and slightly enhanced the quite ramshackle pea support I'd built earlier in the week. The salad bed is tending toward bolting, including the mooli, which is a shame. I'm not too fussed though -we can pull it all up following the holiday and re-sow some more for the rest of the summer.

Shoulders ache today after the hedge trimming.

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