First seeds in

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. The sun was shining and the air was still so Daz and I made an early start up at the allotment. Whilst Daz constructed the frame of a greenhouse, I got on with getting some seeds in the ground. This time, given last years constant wind-based greenhouse destruction we've gone ultra sturdy. Quite a beefy wooden frame and driven into the ground by about a foot or so. This will be clad with polythene from a builders yard.

I pretty much left Daz to it and got on with the planting. Bed A is now the home of Onion tanfield), Garlic (Sultop) -probably not strictly meant to be planted straight out at this time of year, but hey-ho, and Leek (Musselburgh) -again talk of planting in a seed bed and transplanting. I've gone for planting straight out and thinning which will hopefully work OK.

Bed B was given a treatment of lime and left, it'll probably be planted up in the next week or so. Bed C got Parsnip (Cobham Improved Marrow) with all the rows planted out, a row of Beetroot (Boltardy) and a row each of Nantes and Autumn King 2 Carrots. Space was left with the Beetroot and Carrots to do successional planting.

Bed D was also left with plenty of space, but we got it planted up with salad veggies. This time I've not gone for mixed packets as I'm useless at working out what are seedlings and what are weeds coming up. So it's been planted in rows, again with space and I planted. Lettuce (Little Gem, Falbala, Bronze Arrowhead), Mustard (Giant Red, Golden Streaks, Red Frills), Mizuna (Waido) and a row of Radishes (French Breakfast 3) and Mooli.

That was as far as I got with the planting. Bed F has been sacrificed in favour of Daz' giant greenhouse construction, so fortunately we had a wildcard bed built into the rotation that will take over that function.

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