The sunshine brings everyone out of the woodwork

Finally the weather swings itself round the right way and it rains during the week while I'm at work instead of at the weekend. Gemma and I made straight for the allotment on Saturday fairly early in the morning. I continued skimming Bed H which is going to be the uber-large home of potatoes this year, extending it down a couple of foot. Gemma attended to the hedge, as she loves a neatly trimmed bush (fnar).

The forecast had been a bit dodgy on for the Sunday, but by 12-ish it was apparent that it would stay fine. Daz came over and we shifted a car load of the Beech chipping mulch up to the plot, the pile outside the house is still looking a bit big though. After the mulch was safely ensconced we got back in the car and went to a garden centre, where we picked up some sand, some fish, blood and bone and some cheap seed potatoes. We cut the sand into some of the beds to reduce the 'clagginess' of the soil (specifically the root and alliums beds). I fear we'll need more though. I also pre-fertilised the beds with the fish, blood and bone meal which should give a nice nitrogen boost before we start planting. We also need to lime one of the beds, but Daz didn't bring his tin of lime.

On reflection it may have been a mistake to plant the raspberry bush that Daz had bought the week before. We're now due a spell of horrific weather including another couple of days of snow! It is bank holiday weekend coming up after all!

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