If rain stopped play...

...was the call of last year's allotment efforts, then so far this year's has been snow stops play. It's quite late in the day and I really had wanted to have done a bit more prep work by now but the prolonged cold spell has meant snow, frozen ground and little point getting up there.

However, we did manage to get a massive pile of chipped beech tree dropped at the bottom of our garden, so we've been taking car loads of that up to the allotment. I've spread it on the paths between the existing beds and round the bottom of the fruit bushes. We still have loads so we can get some on as mulch for the beds too. We did manage a trip up there yesterday and half prepared one of the new beds. I also had a bit of a hacking session at the boundary hedge.

As the nights get a bit lighter perhaps I'll be able to get an hour in after work.

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