Christmas break

I had planned to spend my week off work over the Christmas period up at the allotment but, in what has become a seemingly constant cry, the weather has put paid to my plans. Fortunately for Sheffield's general prettiness, but unfortunately for digging purposes, the UK has had a cold snap, resulting in a white Christmas. Gemma and I did manage to get up there for a short while this morning. The green manure I'd trampled in managed to keep that bed fairly frost free. I dug that through whilst Gemma did some severe hedge trimming. I also did a basic weed scrape round the established fruit bushes. This is in preparation for a hand weed and a mulch over. I was thinking of using bark chippings as a mulch and trying to sprinkle some mushroom spores over to see if we can better utilise the space.

In the time since the last visit I started some google docs to do a bit of planning and now have a 6-year crop rotation plan, which I guess I will expand on at some point.

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