Green manure

Managed to get a few hours in up the plot over the last couple of weeks. Daz borrowed a strimmer and cut back all the overgrown stuff around the plot. We burned half the tree and privet pile too. I've dug out the majority of the beds and planted green manure in the place of the weeds and remaining veg.

I harvested the shallots, which didn't do brilliantly and spent 3 hours peeling them for a measly two jars full of pickled shallots. Gave a jar to Daz & Jen and left a jar in the cupboard. There are cabbages want harvesting that I have my eye on for pickling/fermenting into sauerkraut and the potatoes are coming out nicely. Star of the show at the moment are the blackberries at the back of the plot. Although a little precarious to reach, we've had a good couple of bags so far and I reckon have more due to boot.

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