As my Mam was down over the bank holiday with my nephew, followed by Gemma's sister and the kids, I didn't get to spend much time at the allotment last week. I did spend a very small amount of time up there on the Sunday before bank holiday Monday and did some watering and a little weeding while my nephew dug a hole and refilled it. Very useful. We were visited by a guy from one of the houses at the back who, very apologetically, asked if we would cut the hedge back as it was blocking his view.

So that was the major job this weekend, between Daz and myself we got it sorted. It was quite tough going chopping down what amounts to a set of small trees. So we now have a massive privet pile again. We also managed to get our first barbeque in, which we were quite happy about. It was just a shame that I'd developed a cold which got gradually more stinking as the day went on.

Lots of the vegetables are coming on strongly -we've even had some of the mixed lettuce go to flower -obviously not picking it quickly enough!

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