Constant rain

Constant rain has meant that I didn't get up to the allotment at all last week, so showers or not, I forced myself to get up there for a look last night. Daz has managed to do a few bits, thinning carrots into sensible rows instead of all bunched up like they were, and generally tidying up. We've a wicked bench in the greenhouse now. A lot of the plants look like they have seen better days, possibly because of the constant bombardment of the rain. The mixed salad and radishes are doing well though, and that's what I was aiming for on this trip. I grabbed a few radishes, which are getting to be enormous now and also a nice big handful of leaves of various types. They've gone in my sandwiches for work, although quite a few disappeared into my mouth before they made it into the sandwiches.

I need to get up there and do quite a bit of work, if the weather holds off such that I can have a straight run of a few hours. There is a lot of weeding to do in all the beds.

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