Bed number 4

Despite having been to a beer festival after work, we managed to get a few hours in on the allotment on Saturday morning. Some piles of rubble and rubbish got moved out of the way, general watering tasks got done and Daz edged the fourth bed. We planted it up with rows of pak choi, rocket, American land cress, peas and radishes. At the very end of the bed I had an experimental square which I just threw loads of seed onto in a very haphazard manner. I believe this is a valid technique, broadcast sowing. In there went pak choi, rocket, spinach beet, New Zealand spinach, mustard (ruby streaks) and what was left of the Mediterranean salad mix.

I managed to get an hour in this morning, again despite having been at a beer festival the evening before (actually more like all day). Didn't get a massive amount done, just sieved a few wheelbarrows worth more soil from bed number 5 -it's about half done now.

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