Salad Leaves @ The Allotment, SheffieldBeers on Friday night rather took the wind out of my sails for Saturday morning. I had planned to spend some time up the allotment, but was fit only for lounging about at home. Gemma was revising and our fellow allotmenteers had gone camping, so I went solo on Sunday. I didn't get a great deal done, just minor chores. Watering, filling the water butt and I made a start sifting soil on the fifth bed. I didn't get too far because it cooled down and I got hungry.

I did manage to get some more mixed salad leaf seed planted. This time spread around amongst the peas and beans -hopefully intercropping this way will take space away from weeds, and since the peas and beans will be growing upwards, should allow us to maximise what we are growing.

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