Third bed

Despite being completely bushed on Saturday night and flaking out straight away, I still managed to get up early on Sunday morning. I took some membrane up to the plot and made a floor in the greenhouse. I pootled around for a bit and marked out a couple of new beds. After loosening the first one with a fork I hit on a way I could operate the sieve by myself. I stuck the sieve on the barrow, chucked a few spadefuls of earth on it and pushed the lot around until the soil went through and I could chuck the stones into the bin. Repeat until the wheelbarrow was full and then chuck on the end of the bed.

Daz and Jen arrived and Jen planted up the third bed with the rest of the non-greenhouse young plants that we bought whilst Daz and I continued sifting using the new technique. As a courgette went in at the end of the bed, taking a lot of space up I got a bit funky and laid down a thick spiral of the Italian salad leaf seeds around it. We'll eat the baby salad leaves before the courgette starts blocking their light. So the total for that bed, and I must say it's planted up much more conscientiously than the second bed that Daz and I did, is peas, fine beans, a courgette (plus another in a pot), red cabbage, little gem lettuce and spiralling salad leaves.

We all had to cut short the day as we all had visitors coming, so we didn't get as far as we had hoped with the bed, but it'll only take a half hour or so to finish off and then it will be ready to plant up.

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