Saturday garden centre trip

I had made a productive start to the day, having fixed some websites, put membrane down on the end part of our garden and starting sanitising my homebrew kit when Daz rang. His dad was bringing him some old scaffold boards and some glass panes, so I ran up the plot to help shift them. Afterwards we walked back up to Daz's in order to grab Jen and the car and go to the garden centre. Our haul was more bark chippings for our garden, various growing plants and a PVC greenhouse.

We got back up the plot and cracked on with various jobs. Daz edged the third bed which we then sifted, built the greenhouse, Jen thinned radishes and built some pea/bean tripods from privet (there is a theme going on there) and planted the young plants that we'd bought. Gemma arrived and cleared up some more of the privet, as well as planting some young cauliflowers that we picked up for a couple of quid from Netto. Daz also built possibly the world's most rickety cold frame.

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