Early March Sunday

What a gorgeous day, and what better way to spend it than having a chilled out allotment session.

To start we investigated the drip watering system, which unfortunately appears to be missing a filter and flow valve. I need to sort an e-mail out to the place I bought it for. We know what we need to hook it up to the water tank though, so jobs a good-un. We also moved the planters that used to hang at mid-level in the greenhouse and bolted a contraption to the shed for them to hang on. A couple of strawberry plants that Daz bought have gone in there.

Most of the beds are now prepared, including the perennial bed at the bottom which has a single rhubarb plant in it, the roots bed which got some carrots sown and the salad bed which got various different kinds sown.

Lots of chicken manure pellets spread around and a homebrew hit the spot at lunch-time (which for me was a biscuit).

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