Weird weather

The odd weather we've had, really up and down temperatures and not enough rain really hurt us earlier on in the year I think.

I've been getting up a few times during the week, and spent a lot of time up there this weekend. The major job to do was sorting out the hedges, but Daz made short work of that with some borrowed petrol trimmers. We did a few bits and pieces, leant on a spade quite a bit and enjoyed a few beers up there. Later on Jen & Gemma joined us and we barbecued some meat and drank a few more beers. All in all a very nice day.

I've got a fortnight off at the moment, so plan on spending a bit of time pootling around up there, maybe knocking a few jobs off the list. Yesterday I bolted a couple of baskets to the shed walls - next step is pop something trailing and pretty in there to liven the shed up a little bit. Next to the herbs in Jen's little herb garden I also planted Calendula, again to give a splash of colour and because it's petals are edible! (got to make everything usable).

After some slight moaning from Gemma, I turned my attention to our back lawn and attacked it with a strimmer/lawnmower. I think we need some large tubs planted up with flowers to keep her happy. I think I'll wander up the plot after lunch though and maybe start skimming the top off the paths by the shed in order to lay some membrane or carpet down, even temporarily. Also one half of the beans/peas that were planted didn't germinate, so we're going to heavily weed that section and leave it until the autumn then replant some beans that we can overwinter. Daz found a roll of horticultural fleece that should come in handy for that.

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