Successional Sowing

Last year although we got quite a bit of salad from the bed that we planted up we made it more difficult for ourselves by using mixed packs of seeds and scatter-planting. This made it hard to determine what was desired growing and what was weeds. So this year we've gone with single rows of single seeds. I managed to get a good few hours in up the plot yesterday, getting a couple more rows of some of the lettuces in, so that we keep up a rotation of them growing and hopefully avoid the bolting problems that we had last year.

I also did the successional sowing thing with carrots and beetroot and got a half a bed of peas in the ground. At the bottom next to the globe artichokes I dug out a trench and planted some asparagus crowns -hopefully these will give us good crops for the next few years.

On Sunday we drove out with Andy, Jen and Jo to a couple of garden centres where I picked up some seed potatoes to go in the next section of the big bed and some young plants for the brassica bed -sprouts, red and white round cabbages and savoy cabbages. I'll get those in one night this week and this year will immediately net them as we had quite a bit of trouble with both pigeons and caterpillars making a meal of last years cabbages.

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